Now I know how it will look my room tomorrow: fantastic design in no time!

To change the interior design is not necessary to contrive repairs, quite a bit to be able to hold a pencil in hand and have a simple set of materials.

The young artist demonstrated how to use masking tape to turn the monotonous, boring wall into a masterpiece!

Design wall in komnateSnachala she made a sketch of the pattern. Draw a square, you must draw a straight line adjacent to its side on a slight angle, moving to the center. It turns out the similarity snail shell, only a square shape.

Here are the squares of these segments, and is the future pattern.

According to a drawn pattern, but on a larger scale, it created a pattern on the wall using the masking tape

With a spoon girl squeezed out the air bubbles.

The entire pattern is covered vodoimulsionnoy paint, combining black and white, and erosion of the transitions between them.

After the paint has dried, the artist peeled off adhesive tape.

It turned out really cool! I will try to repeat ...

Watch the video! As it is demonstrated in detail the entire design process, from sketches on paper to the final result on the wall

. Once again convinced that a person with imagination and a little bit skilful hands on the shoulder if not all, almost everything! What do you think about such a design of the room? Share experiences in the comments!


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