Scientists have discovered why smart people find it difficult to fall in love

In matters of the heart can be difficult to understand. < Website offers an interesting reflection, which helps to look at familiar things in a new way.

So why do intelligent people find it difficult to find your soul mate?

1. They analyze the feelings - and his and other people's brilliant Smart people know how to gather information and draw conclusions. And the ability to play a bad joke with them: they are much easier than others tend to "run" from the relationship at the first sign of problems. Misunderstandings, quarrels? So, we do not approach each other goodbye.

2. They need a lot of time to open the brain never stops working, drawing on the surface of all kinds of details and reasons why things can go wrong. As a result, intelligent people find it difficult to open another: they know and understand that all relationships are risky. That is why they often seem cold and detached, but in fact it is not.

3. They rely on past experiences Another trap that people fall intelligent. That destroyed their past relationships do not necessarily destroy the existing, but it is difficult to realize it. They well remember how it hurt to give up the last time, and carry on the past experience of people that are close to this point.

4. Loneliness - their conscious choice of Yes, it is. Smart people realize that it is better and more comfortable to be alone than with "not their" man. It is their conscious and deliberate decision. In most cases, these people are not alone because of the circumstances, but because they desire and feel fine yourself with yourself.

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