Facts about love (20 photos)

How much has been written about the all-consuming and all-embracing love, and scientists for centuries trying to unravel the mystery of this most mysterious of human feeling. Here are some interesting facts and scientific theories about love, that does not detract from her poetry and romance.

1. "butterflies in the stomach" are really

When we fall in love, it seems that around the butterflies, we are elated and ready to dance with happiness. In fact, blame the hormone adrenaline, which spreads throughout the body in response to the reaction of the so-called "fight or flight". 2. In fact, to fall in love, enough four minutes

If we want to make someone a good impression, then we have in stock only 4 minutes to do it. It is believed that a much greater impression on a potential partner produces the body language, the sound of the voice and speech rate, rather than the meaning of what was said.

3. When two lovers look into each other's eyes, their hearts beating synchronized

Studies show that people enamored heartbeats are synchronized within 3 minutes after gaze into each other's eyes.

4. Love acts on human cocaine

Love affects the brain as well as the dose of cocaine, causing a similar feeling of euphoria. Scientists have shown that when a person is in love, his body produces several chemicals that enhance the activity of the 12 regions of the brain, at the same time making us feel euphoric.

5. Embrace act on the body as a natural painkiller

The so-called love hormone oxytocin, which is produced by the brain, female ovaries and male testes during embrace, involved in the process of the birth of a strong attachment. It is proved that a dose of oxytocin weakens, and sometimes even eliminates the headache. Definitely a worthy alternative analgesic pills.

6. Even a glance at the photo of a loved one is enough to ease the pain

It has long been known that the presence of a loved contributes to the welfare of the patient. And sometimes enough just one look at a photo of a loved one, to dull the pain. Experiments conducted among those who experienced physical pain, has shown - those patients who looked at photos of friends and loved ones, and also participated in a game of words, it becomes much easier than those who are just playing a game.

7. People with the same degree of attractiveness more likely to maintain their relationship for years to come

The so-called phenomenon of "level" means that men and women tend to choose their partners in the person who is named 'flat', ie similar in external data. Even if one of the partners is less attractive, it compensates other socially desired quality.

8. The couple, who are too similar to each other, have less chance of a long and strong relationship

As the famous saying: opposites attract. Scientists have proved that this is partly true. There are too similar to each other or too different partners tend to separate. Of course, something loving people should be similar, but at the same time, there are things we need to learn from each other.

9. "Broken Heart" - is not just a metaphor

Obtained evidence that stressful events such as separation, divorce, loss of a loved one, betrayal or even finding the distance from a loved one can cause pain in the heart. This condition is called "broken heart syndrome". Deep emotional distress actuate certain brain chemicals, which greatly weakens the heart, which leads to severe pain in the chest and difficulty breathing. The disease more often affects women, and doctors often confuse it with a heart attack.

10. Romantic love eventually ends. But there comes a perfect love

It is believed that the love with years weakened. Scientists estimate that romantic love, which is inextricably linked to a sense of euphoria, dependence and butterflies in the stomach lasts only one year. After a year of relationship begins the so-called stage of "perfect love." Such a shift, according to scientists, is associated with increased levels of the protein neurotrophins have recently formed couples.

11. Symptoms of love similar to the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Studies show that people in the nascent relations have lower levels of serotonin, which is associated with a feeling of happiness and well-being and higher levels of cortisol associated with stress. A similar chemical composition of hormones is observed in people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. This explains the characteristic behavior of the lovers and the presence of obsessive thoughts about the object of love. This theory also works the other way around - people with lower levels of serotonin fall in love and have sexual relations more quickly than others.

12. Thoughts of love and sex affect the creativity and concrete thinking

Psychologists have found that any reminder of the object of adoration affect the abstract and creative thinking, as it is related to such aspects of love with abstract, as long-term relationship, a strong attachment, commitment and intimacy. A reminder about sex triggers a specific work of thinking, causing a person to focus on the details of immediate rather than long-term plans and goals.

13. Devotion + intimacy + passion = perfect love

According to the triangular theory of love psychologist Robert Sternberg there is a specific formula for the different kinds of love. Sternberg calls several kinds of love, the formula of which consist of an alternation of three basic components: the passion of romantic love = + intimacy, the intimacy of a friendly love = + devotion, invented a passion + love = devotion. Of course, the most powerful of all is perfect love, which is just a 3-components.

14. For long-term relationship is more important than the attractive features and not well built body

Proved: when a person is looking for nothing burdensome relationship and wants to tighten an easy affair, he first drew attention to the potential partner's body. Conversely, for those looking for a serious relationship, an important role is played by facial attractiveness.

15. Holding hands with your loved ones, we remove the stress

Those pairs that are associated with strong and harmonious relationships can be a great success to calm each other in stressful situations and even relieve physical suffering, just holding hands.

16. Thanking the favorite, we become happier

Psychologists have proven that when we say nice things to people who really care about us, we sincerely thank them for something, we become happier themselves.

17. When we like someone, our pupils dilate, making us more attractive

Back in 1870, Darwin speculated that the pupils may dilate when a person sees the object of interest or shows attention to anyone or anything. And it really is true - even when we are watching a video or a photo with the favorite, our pupils become wider, and we ourselves become attractive.

18. Looking into the eyes of a stranger, you can fall in love

They say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul. It is not surprising that a simple look at them is enough to fall in love, even in the one of whom we know nothing. Scientists had proved that the body of a man who looks at an object of sympathy, produces a chemical called phenylethylamine, responsible for the "mad love". In action it is similar to cocaine, so makes you feel the excitement, euphoria and sexual desire.

19. monogamous relationship are not only in humans but also in animals

Man is not the only animal in the world who can be faithful. Wolves, Swans, gibbons, black vultures, albatross, termites and many other animals find a mate for life.

20. Love - the only thing that matters

A study conducted by a group of Harvard researchers over the entire 76 years, has proven that really love - is all that matters in life. The life experiences of the participants of the experiment showed that happiness and satisfaction revolve around a sense - of love or searching this love itself.


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