This Tibetan test of 3 questions will tell you about something important

Turn off at the time of its logic, relax and just answer 3 questions that focus on the game with your subconscious mind. Try not to give yourself time to think and answer the first thing that comes to mind.

If necessary, take a pencil and paper to record your answers. At the end of the test, you will learn something important about himself and his life.

< Imagine that in front of you 5 of these animals. Arrange them in any order that you like: Cow, Tiger, Sheep, Horse, Pig

Describe one adjective each word from this list: Dog - ...

Cat - ...

Rat - ...

Coffee - ...

Sea - ...

Think about 5 people you know people who are important to you in life. Choose for each of them one of the suggested colors. For each color, you can choose only 1 person: Yellow - ...

Orange - ...

Red - ...

White - ...

Green - ...

And now look at the results:

In answer to the first question is determined by the Your life priorities: Cow means career

. Tiger - a sense of self-esteem

. Lamb - a love

. Horse means family.

The pig symbolizes money.

From the answers to the second question, you can find , which you subconsciously see your life
Your association with the cat symbolizes the personality of your partner.

Your description of Rat implies your enemy.

Your association with the coffee - it's your attitude toward sex

. Your description of the sea is your own life.

Colors define your related to the mentioned people: Yellow - a man whom you will never forget and which has had a severe impact on your life

. Orange - a person who is for you a true friend

. Red -. Man you truly love

White - your soulmate

. Green - the man, the memories of which will be with you for life

. P.S. They say that the accuracy of the test is 97%. What are your results?

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