The couple found an amazing way to transform the shower! Elegant, period.

Shower, decorated with small decorative stones, usually found only in expensive apartment hotels. The pursuit of beauty and comfort of your home, this ingenious couple decided to create a miracle with their own hands!

Seasoned wife found not only aesthetic, but also extremely cost-effective solution! The required materials can be purchased for pennies ... Looking at the result of their work, do not get tired to admire. And what if the pebbles cover varnish, and decorate its walls of your bathroom? And what if to do the same, but with shells?

Your bathroom decor rukamiTebe need
  • pebbles, small stones
  • liquid nails
  • mortar

      1. Pick up stones of a suitable size. Special tile adhesive or liquid nails will help you fix them on the walls of the shower. Work laborious, but for the sake of a more aesthetic appearance of your bathroom is to try! d88b94231c.jpg

        1. li> When the glue is dry, apply the mortar that fills the clearing between the stones. a9ce974962.jpg

          1. Yes, the process of working on such a decoration of bathroom time-consuming and require uncommon willpower. But the result ... Now I know, how to decorate the bathroom in your new home! e632ec46ca.jpg

          2. How nice on this floor! Foot massage during a shower - perfectly thought out, I think ... cd0a4b4280.jpg

            This wall decoration in the bathroom looks luxurious, pebbles can be used not only for decoration shower! We spend in the bathroom enough time, why not make this area home place to relax from the stresses of everyday life of the soul? Tell me about this wonderful idea to friends, if you inspired!


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