Possible reasons for a lack of energy in the raw food diet

1. Lack of sleep.
2. The abuse of fatty foods such as avocados, nuts and seeds.
3. The use of vegetable oil.

4. Sedentary lifestyle.
5. Negative emotions.
6. Overtraining.

7. The lack of fresh air.
8. The lack of sunlight.
9. Dehydration.

10. Constant stress, loneliness and anxiety.
11. Bad combination products.
12. The food without feeling hungry.

13. Overeating.
14. The use of spices and salt.
15. Second-hand smoke.

Each of these factors (and many others) will deprive you of strength and increase your level of internal contamination. When diet improvement you become more sensitive, and your body will tell you when something goes wrong.

Frederic Patenaude «Raw secrets»


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