High-quality natural hair dye: I Pick the perfect color

Once upon a time we could not do anything with the natural color of your hair. Whether we like it or not - there was no difference, because the change it was not under force. However, the 21st century - a century of experiments! And today we can dye your hair in any color that you want. And all this is made possible thanks to the fact that the paint there hair!

Born a brunette, but the dream of a brighter hue? It's time to buy paint! You want to be a bright red or blonde? It's time to buy paint! Past burnt paint and color became faint? Then you go to an online store «Aasha» and buy yourself a paint!

What we offer
Huge selection of hair dyes of different colors and tones from trusted manufacturers. Our paint:

  • qualitative;
  • keep the color as long as possible;
  • give the right shade;
  • is not washed off and do not fade.
    Purchasing paint with us, you will be able to enjoy long the selected color, without fear that he "disappears" because we select only the best products to their customers!

    Why paint the best buy in the "Aasha"
    People choose our online store, because:

    1. The natural and ayurvedic cosmetics directly from India
    Natural dyes are kept longer, they are qualitative and do not cause any harm to the hair. We purchase goods directly from sunny India, so you can enjoy only a quality product!

    2. We have the widest range of colors
    This means that here you can find any color that you want. Choose among the myriad of colors and match the one that fits you best.

    3. Stable prices
    Buy paint is cheaper than in the shops! We do not overstate the value and always keep a stable price level, so that everyone can afford to experiment with color!

    4. Order a few clicks
    To buy paint in stores, you need to go there, walk along the rows to find the color you want, spend time in the queue at the cash register - it's very exhausting. And to buy paint in «Aasha», you need to make a few clicks - and now she will be sent to your city. To order, you'll need at least 1 minute!

    Always wanted to change the color of their hair or give them the right shade? It's time to do it with an online store «Aasha»!


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