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< Felix Komarov

See a - there is a cloud, there is sea, there is a hurricane, desert, snow and heat
The expanded space of past lives and the people that have woven my image
There's an endless carnival freaks - wearing masks often askew
There's shadows in Asphodel forgotten scream silently, couching in
pain The fires of recent years - they haze mother and ashes in their father
And a long chain of leaving friends ... enemies ...

beginning and the end On the tape endlessly sliding
All this I living a dream in a dream, who suffers from the ghosts of the past
Longing for and believing that it is better to me to dissolve into the void spaces
But it is also a space in me, like the closet, where hiding from the wrath
Ruthless and fierce gods
And these gods, too, everything in me
And I'm a ...
And more to say.


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