10 rules of happy living by Elizabeth Gilbert

All of us from time to time ask ourselves about what is happiness and where to find it. Especially for Psychologies author of the popular novel "Yes, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert shared some principles that make her life easier, happier and happier.

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Rule number 1: You do not have to be fearless - just be curious.

I do not recommend to be fearless. I have met such people: they were either psychopaths or three-year child. I think we are very curious by nature. Curiosity - the amazing thing: applying a tiny effort, we can achieve unprecedented results. If you wake up every morning you ask yourself the question: "What is more interesting to me to know?" - And the day to day closer to its goal of at least one millimeter, your life will be better

Rule number 2:. Make friends with their fears.

I'm afraid a lot in life, but I had to learn to thank your own: "I know you're protecting me, you're my bodyguard." We do not appreciate the fact that he keeps us alive for so long. We are still alive, because at some point in our fear tells us: "Do not get in the car to this guy," "Do not go through the dark streets," "Do not go into the water, you're not a very good swimmer." We owe our fears for the life saved

Rule number 3:. Cease to look for certainty.

In the world there are paradoxes and uncertainties. And, while we continue to look for rules that keep us away from them, we will not feel confident

Rule number 4:. Be patient with yourself.

You do not need to make a huge leap and spend a lot of effort to be happy. Everyone is waiting for some sign or miracle. This, of course, there is something dramatic and exciting, but it does not happen often. We are all looking for the easy way. But I did not write the book in a single day. Before you do this, I experienced a lot, had a lot of tears. To achieve the "white band", you will have to fix those things that need to be fixed. And it needs a lot of patience to him, the ability to forgive yourself and others, for a change - a difficult thing

Rule number 5:. Do not expect guarantees.

Many of us are hesitant to start something just because they do not believe in the end result. But this is the meaning. If we knew how to finish the journey, they would never have started it. "What if I go on a trip, but nothing has been found at the end?" - You ask. I assure you, this does not happen. At the end of each trip, even if you do not get what you wanted, you have learned more about myself. Yes, it is impossible to get rid of frustration, but it's part of the way

Rule number 6: "Reject" and "surrender" - is not the same thing..

Unsubscribe from something - it means to admit that what you are doing, not interested, or difficult, or boring. Surrender - means to admit: "My strength is running out, I can not do nothing and nothing can give." I often felt ashamed of those things that happened to me as a result of my refusal of anything. On the contrary, all the best, at that moment in my life when I surrendered. At this moment I understood that I was not the most powerful man in the universe, and just punted

Rule number 7:. Be the creator of your life, rather than observers.

In the book "Big Magic", I advise readers to find an outlet in some form of creativity. Reporters then asked if I was afraid that after the book world is filled with bad picture? I did not expect such arrogance. Art can not only be the elite in any field, you can show the talent. Even if you can not draw, do not be afraid to create! It's much better than just watching on the sidelines, how is life. Find something that inspires you, that you're interested. Do not be afraid of criticism, create, play it safe - and then life will start to bring more joy

Rule number 8: Find your "tribe"..

Perhaps many of us are in need of a mentor. But what if a group of peers with similar interests and problems better mentor? In such a group you motivate each other to be better. If your "tribe" yet, you may want to create it and to become the leader of his clan? If what you need is not there, do it yourself

Rule number 9:. Ask the right questions.

Many people, after reading my book, thinking that the journey will change their lives. I ask the question: "What do you call that pizza in Naples?". But the book is not about the pizza, but the questions that we ask ourselves. Ask: "What I want to do in your life?", "What would you like most or least?", "What makes me happy?", "Who helps me to understand that the world is full of opportunities?". Ask the right questions - be scientists, based on their own experience

Rule number 10: Continue to live..

It's a shame when something does not work. But the worst thing - when we lose heart and say, "I never not tell anyone about their dreams," "I'll never love", "I would never do that." And then what we have to do until the end of life? Waiting for death and pay the bills until that day will not come? If our lives are happy moments, we must not give up. We must continue to live. Nothing is more meaningful in life than just being curious and interested person.

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