If someone is and should be changed, the first thing you

Imagine the following scene: the patient comes to the doctor and complains of pain. And the doctor replies: "Well, I understood it all. You know what I do? I'll write the drug your neighbor. " "Thank you - happy patient - it's just me and cure."

Absurd? But we all behave that way. Sleeping always feel that his life is much easier if the surrounding will change in one direction or another.

You suffer because sleep; and yet you think, "Would not it be great if that's the type of person become different if my neighbor, boss, wife suddenly changed»

. We want people to have changed around us, - then, they say, we all will be adjusted

. But have you thought about what kind of benefits you would bring a change in the character of the husband or wife?

Are you a stay in the same vulnerable as before - and the same idiot; you go to bed.

If someone is and should be changed, then first of all you. And you also need to be treated.

I'm all right, because the world is all right - you are saying

. You are wrong! With the world's all right, because all is well with me. So say the dedicated.
Anthony de Mello "Awareness"


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