Monologue time

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Time pushes in the ribs, teasing the void.
"Do you remember, do you remember how it was to spare me,
What's the thinking style, sleep - Two hours of idle time,
How I struggled in tact keys crackle heart?

Do you remember yourself then? I watched in silence,
With wings to wear you left the firmament.
Calendar celebrate happy nights in installments,
With an exhalation, melted wax ... Just do not burn ...

It was not you, it seemed keley kingdom,
The Litera so much effort was sweet torment.
Emotion without commas, line of decorations,
Only curls ink, and nothing around ...

Memory slips between the lines, though in photo albums:
Dinghy and two oars, the world in four hands.
Now on acrid smog, found in
Albion You during benefits similar fog gloom.

Suppose he repeats to you that from another test,
Listen and remember how in the rainbow
cities It weakened before you and spoke not in place ...
The boy who is afraid of the words so briskly ...

It has become a surplus sentences, reverse, pleonasm,
The fact that not so long ago determined pleasure.
I'm with you, for you, it is difficult to keep my balance, but
In a domino castle is easy to fall.

Day by day, sad, you can not put point,
You ascend over you to change the tone ...
If you contradict me - but not alone,
If you pull a rope - to know exactly why ...


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