6 conditions for creating a happy marriage

Modern neuroscientists have once again confirmed the eternal truth that the basis of all - sexual attraction. Yes, this is not a mere assertion: deep sexual desire is the basis of immortal love, which, as scientists have proved, was born on 5 million years ago. Therefore romance can forget about the flowers and candy. Of course, it is necessary at first, but much more useful - to know who does your passion

. There are a sure way to find true love than to give flowers and led the girl in the restaurant. We must learn to control their costs and choose the human partners working in the field suitable to you.

Of course, can not be discounted, and other scientific data. For example, US researchers found that 89% of people choose partners for growth. And when he finds many love changing beyond recognition, to be exact - are similar to your partner

. Women tend to steadily bastards. More specifically - men suffering from narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. If someone does not know who the daffodil, explain: its main features are megalomania, samovlyublennnost and a complete lack of empathy

. Machiavellianism is characterized by duplicity, the desire to manipulate and disregard for any moral principles. Psychopathy is expressed in antisocial behavior, impulsivity, selfishness, absolute ruthlessness and callousness.

But the psychologists have not stopped - they described also looks attractive scoundrel. Typically, this stocky man with large features. As they note, attracted to such men does not mean love and relationship with a carrier full set of negative traits rarely leads to a happy marriage.

However, men in love - too pathetic. They really glupeyut out of love, and women - on the contrary. The study was conducted neuroscientists from Syracuse University in New York (USA). It took 30 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 29 years - men and women who performed mathematical tests for speed. The subjects were invited in pairs, and all, without exception, felt for his partner a deep sense of affection - love
. As it turned out, a woman in love in the blood in increased quantity emitted hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopressin, operating and intellectual processes. At the same time the body is peculiar to men is much lower level of hormones, so sometimes even love leads them to inhibit the work of think tanks.

That is why women are three times more quickly coped with the task, and 89% of their answers were correct. In men, it was only 15% correct decisions. In addition, according to psychologists, men fall in love, they cease to grow, feeling like heroes, conquerors. Meanwhile, women continue to develop their skills, to always be interesting for their men.

At the same time, and both men and women most in a sexual partner attracts love for life and a sense of humor. A lady everything else still pay attention to pet a strong half of mankind. The women admitted that they are much more likely to respond to men who have a dog.

However, not only love helps to build long-lasting and happy relationship, though without her anywhere, and the "Kama Sutra" all in aid. Moreover, that sex - is the prevention of cancer and dementia

. In order to achieve more in your personal life, psychologists advise: take a look as your career and your costs affect the relationship. Everyone knows that money is often the reason for the conflict, and to achieve coincidence of approaches to money and career issues is not easy.

It turns out that the decisions that you take in these two important areas of their lives, can play a huge role in building a long happy relationship. "There are times when betrayal from a financial point of view can have the same effect as a betrayal", - said Fran Davis, a psychologist and career consultant, working with students and graduates of the Harvard Business School
. As usual, the British scientists have thought through all the options and offer humanity a number of universal strategies, through which anyone can take a career and financial decisions favorable to private life.

1. Equal work - it's bad

. At first glance it may seem that the ideal option - it is to meet the person, whose views on the promotion coincide with yours. With him there is always something to talk about, and this is important. The same British scientists said that harmonious communication - an indispensable condition for good sex

. In the beginning, at the stage of love, it really will be so, but in the long term this scenario can have very unpleasant consequences. May become important in a relationship - and, alas, the negative version of their development

. Couples working in the same field, even if the line of professional competition between them, will soon begin to move away from each other, because in the free time they have become less common interests. They are in fact already and so combines the most important thing they have - work

. In the future, couples engaged in a professional field, is more difficult to achieve suiting their balance between work and life, says Gail Kinman, a professor of occupational health psychology in Bedfordshirskom University (UK).

2. It is necessary to choose a partner who has a profession that complements your.

In recent years, researchers have begun to keep track of the representatives of some professions make excellent couple. For example, advertising and marketing professionals are often attracted to the musicians, and the police are drawn to investment bankers. This is understandable: the eternal values ​​are the same for all peoples

! In addition, among the 10 most compatible professions - lawyers male and female architects, female lawyers and male pilots, male and female researchers pharmacists. The list also includes the heads of men and women leaders, but in different areas.

And the priests, optometrists and engineers rarely divorce - regardless of partner's profession. These are the conclusions of Michael Aamodta, Honorary Professor Redford University (USA), examined the results of the US census of 2000 year.

3. For happiness it is important to plan the working affairs in advance.

It is one thing - a regular schedule to work hard, the other - the unpredictable overtime that can negatively affect the personal life. It turns out that the instability of working hours worse for a relationship than predictable long work shifts.

You can compare the work with which you can always come back at 20.00, and the work due to work involving all hands where you have a sudden your spouse to cancel dinner on the occasion of wedding anniversary. Also, your partner can decide what works for you in the first place. To minimize tension within the relationship, the British psychologists advise as partners early alert to potential workers lining and take the initiative in the transport plans.

4. Forget about the "wedding of the century».

To the marriage was a happy one, squander all savings to prepare for the wedding is not necessary. This sure Andrew Francis Tan, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta (USA), who studied the relationship between the wedding expenses and duration of marriage.
The survey involved three thousand married people. As it turned out, the more the couple spent on the wedding, the shorter was the marriage. It is not clear what was the matter: whether the large-scale spending instigated the divorce, whether it is just a random statistical relationship
. In the United States conducted a survey of thousands of betrothed women, the results of which revealed 32% of couples have got into credit card debt after the wedding. In Asia (such as Malaysia and India) families often find themselves in debt after the traditional wedding celebrations lasting several days. Francis Tan advises couples who intend to marry, reduce the cost of the wedding to the lifting level.

5. Focus on the credit rating.

It turns out that your credit rating is not only applicable to banking services. A study conducted in 2015, the US Federal Reserve, found that couples with similar credit ratings often coincide in the romantic sense. A couple with significantly different ratings of most awaited parting. And the flowers with candy, not to mention the diamonds and dishwashers, no one is saved.

Learning the person's credit rating, you will get more information about its reliability as a whole, and the desire not to have debt. According to scientists, the family rules on finance should be established in the very beginning of the relationship.

6. Oh, and finally: women should remember that monogamy emerged as a protection against infanticide

. After a long study of primates, researchers have noticed that about a third of species characteristic of monogamy - faithful to one sexual partner. Biologists have theorized that the constancy of the partners arose during evolution as a natural process.

In an attempt to find this confirmation, scientists have found that the statement of monogamy began immediately after the cessation of destruction of offspring males - about 20 million years ago. And offspring exterminated because the female after the birth of cubs ceased to pay attention to the opposite sex.

So this evolutionary acquisition is given too much importance. The main thing - to the man's head was in place, the more so because it is there, in the posterior parietal lobe, is the angular gyrus, where love lives

. And men should go and see more often in the gym, and not only in order to find a sexual partner. As psychologists have found, most goes to clubs just for this or for that.

The fact that in the course of exercise produced in the brain serotonin and dopamine. It neurotransmitters that improve emotional state and increase libido. Serotonin released during a long cardio, makes a man agreeable and dopamine has a positive effect on mood and working memory.

And when they met all of the above conditions, there is a possibility that in six months (so much last the first stage of a romantic relationship according to British scientists) your significant other will allocate you to a box in his closet, and his or her bath "settle" your tooth brush. And there, and close to the first argument - it takes 170 days. On the 173rd day of the lovers begin to notice each other's shortcomings. Even if you do not stop it, the advice and love, to be exact - a regular, high-quality sex and a high credit rating!


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