7 things that prove that the future has arrived

Remember how many times during the fi movie you watched a cool invention and thought: "I wish I had such" But most of these incredible devices of the future already exists

! We are in the Website adore science and therefore have collected 7 brilliant inventions that will surprise you for sure.

Line on the fingers of 22,536,615

< br> Now you can show the size of his hands more accurately! This invention is for a second helping demonstrate how thick, for example, your countertop or a width of the window in your bedroom.

Messenger without the Internet

Gadget goTenna can send messages without the Internet on the same device. This piece is useful for travelers who get into an environment where simply can not be the Internet.

Handle "scans and Draw"

The dream of every artist - a pen that writes any flowers. It copies the color of an object to which touched and can then reproduce it.

Canine translator

No More Woof - an invention that helps dogs to communicate with people. With it, your four-legged friend will be able to say, for example, "I'm hungry" or "I want to walk».

Glowing in the dark plant

Biotechnology invented plant that glows in the dark. Using a set of genes from luminescent bacteria, a group of scientists led tobacco glow without batteries and solar.

Pocket mini printer

Israeli company ZUtA Labs has developed a mini-printer that can print a document, even if you are out of town. only need a smartphone to control.

Read Ring

Ring FingerReader can scan the text, read aloud and translate. The device was developed specifically for people who have vision problems: reading is enough to point to the word with his finger. When the reader deviate from the text, the ring starts to vibrate.

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