7 short haircuts that do not look less feminine than the long hair

Long braids and hairstyles many multistage be fed. But to decide on such a risky step - lose their head of hair - not everyone will be able to. After all, the main danger - to be like the boy

Website offers several options for hairstyles, with whom, and daily styling thing of the past, and the romantic image will

Bob 90,481,158.

This hairstyle looks fresh, stylish and fashionable, although it is considered a classic.


Not only visually add volume, but also highlights the chin line.

Elongated bob-bob

It combines elegance and negligence.


Creates a mischievous and playful way.

«Under the boy"

At the same time bold and feminine, this hairstyle adds to the image of a piece of mischief.


It creates an impression of constant confusion, and thoughtful style.

Extreme pixie

For the most daring - challenging, sexy and at the same time gently

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