Syrian hibiscus in your garden

Many fans know Hibiscus growers as a houseplant - China rose and it leads them to confusion, because it is sold as a garden flower, like hydrangeas, roses and other garden flower culture. It does not cost much surprised - really sold the garden hibiscus, which is called "Syrian Hibiscus┬╗


Today in nature, there are about 200 different species of hibiscus, they are grown in tropical climates, and, unfortunately, absolutely can not survive in this. He can not quite feel bad in a temperate climate, of course, provided that it will be warm and the winter shelter as well as this is usually done with garden roses.

If in that climate, where it is planted fairly warm winter, there is almost 100% guarantee that the flowers take root and will delight every summer its unusually beautiful flowering.

Garden Hibiscus requires low maintenance. The main condition for its planting in the ground is good lighting. Flower does not like a shadow, only a sufficient amount of ultraviolet flower will please you in a lush flowering garden. Syrian hibiscus perfectly coexists with all varieties of roses. It grows no more than 1.5 meters in height and has a relatively compact form. Hibiscus plant is considered ideal for the rose garden or rock garden.

Hibiscus is also very well looks like a single plant with decoration of landscape area. If you live in a warm climate, will land around the lavender bushes. It's very beautiful, and lavender will protect the Syrian hibiscus on aphids and insects. The plant is there 2 types: terry and terry varieties. When purchasing plants worth remembering that Terry varieties better tolerate the winter and are more frost-resistant.

For the Syrian hibiscus do not need special soil. It survives well in the same, on which you traditionally planted roses. It must be sufficiently permeable and nutritious.

Flower usually watered sparingly, as it does not need watering and can be enhanced because of this, even the abyss. But it is also necessary to monitor the rate of drying of the soil, because in the summer in a hot climate, the flower may be needed daily watering.

In the period of active growth and flowering (June-September) this garden culture needs periodic feeding garden fertilizers, in which a high phosphorus content. Typically, the Syrian hibiscus pour every two weeks. What would winter does not become stressful for the plant - its autumn fed potash fertilizers

. If you are new crank is a plant, it is better to buy ready-made plants with strong root system of sustainable development. Especially if you want to grow Syrian hibiscus in a cold climate. The plant in the summer take root, grow stronger, you prepare it for the winter, and it will outlive it safely.

Despite the fact that the plant is mainly propagated from cuttings seedlings, there is another version of this growing garden crops - seed. Planted in the soil of spring, when there is no night frosts and the ground is warm enough.

If you decide to grow a flower from a stalk, do it better in the summer. To do this, put the stem in water-filled container (it is better to close out of direct sunlight, as the water will break through the root system).

And when you see that there were roots, it can safely be transplanted into a pot with the ground, you can take in your garden or buy a prepared soil in a special shop. With the arrival of cold pot seedling are entered into the house, and in the spring he was quite ready to plant it in the open ground.

To achieve an abundant flowering, you need not only to grow and feed the plant, but cut it. Hibiscus Buds forms on the young shoots, therefore, the more of them, will be more abundant blooms. In order to give the plant its fresh shoots are cut 3-4 times a year.

Flower tolerates pruning and positively responds to it. Usually cut in late winter, before the flower will start actively growing. Also, cut the plant not only to create a lush flowering, but also for the formation of a decorative bush form.

In the southern regions, where hibiscus most appropriate conditions and it is found everywhere, you can see a variety of blooming composition in the form of a cube, a sphere, a pyramid and others. Thanks to flower compactness, everyone has the opportunity to drop it on your balcony, terrace or in the winter garden . And not only in the flower garden.

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A distinctive feature of the hibiscus is that the life expectancy of its flowers is very short, but in spite of this, the site of the previous revealed quickly a new one. This should not be afraid. Worse, when abundant flowers drying begins, in this case, the flower will likely not enough watering and it is in the dry land.

If you really want to have this flower, but live in a harsh climate, you can put it, but in the winter will have to dig up and put in the cellar or in the house until spring. With good care can continue the Syrian hibiscus bloom in your home in the winter. Hibiscus - a perennial plant, and can do without transplanting up to 20 years.


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