And who said that these animals do not know how to smile

said animals can not think that they only react reflexively to stimuli. But how can you believe in this, looking at these photos? Such emotions, feelings, what happiness in the eyes!

Revision Website does not cease to be surprised and smiles melt these wonderful animals. Maybe someone of them will manage to outdo cats in popularity on the Internet.

I'm sorry, I did not want to sneeze on your cake

I drank so much and not a bit drunk ... ick ...

When midnight asleep in the heat, and then turned the pad on the cool side

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Well as I cut his hair?

Hello, I am a witness of St. shellfish, you believe in the freeboard life?

Hey, baby, you're burning up! Can I be your fire extinguisher?

When I woke up at 7 am and went to sleep on, because I remembered it was Sunday today 17,635,103

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- What kind of perfume - perfume? Yes, it's me in a barrel of herring dropped

- Tell me again, how are those pompons that waving cheerleaders? - Pipidastry!

And who at us with such a beautiful morning?

That feeling when you are good today, because eaten

Well MAAM, I was watching the whole class

This is a very funny anecdote, boss

< br> That feeling when you are not prepared and handed over on 4

you want me to guess, what's your name?

When a friend came fotkatsya passport

That feeling when you come up with excuse, and no one asked why you slept

that moment, when I realized that there is still half of the summer, the sea journey and your birthday

Photos on the preview: paul-spielvogel

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