How to make so that the plants watered themselves

The most usual way to keep house plants while we are out, - ask someone to water them. However, Website for the most rational and convenient solutions.

Meet the drip system of self-watering flowers - a real find for anyone who is lazy or forget to water the flowers, but also for those who often goes on business trips or simply going on vacation


Flowers perfectly carry this type of food for more than three weeks. The essence of the system operation is that moisture itself is supplied to the plant roots in the required amount for supply. And, as it turned out, to make a useful gizmo for yourself, do not need so much.

How to make your own hands dropping irrigation system?
Take the 2-liter bottle (volume of water tank depends on pot size) Cut the upper part of the Subsequently, the upper part will need to be inserted into the lower We draw marker rectangle width of 2 cm along the length of the bottle and get a longitudinal a rectangular hole

from the syringe 2 dice (no more, as in other thicker needle) cut away the tip, we clean the surface with a knife, needle files or a large sandpaper Glow paper clip to melt a hole in the lid of the bottle and cut nodules We clean the plug large sandpaper The thin adhesive layer is applied to the lid (with a break of 20 minutes) and the nozzle of the syringe, apply additional adhesive layer on the connection


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