15 celebrity outfits that leave many questions for 2000


Looking at these photos of singers and actors, you know that fashion - an amazing thing: the fact that some 10 years ago, it seemed cool, now looks to put it mildly amusing. At the same time celebrities themselves are beautiful and loved ones in any fashion.

We are in the Website compared the pictures of famous people in the 2000s, with their modern pictures, and that's what came out of it. By the way, I remembered that I was dressed much the same.
Beyonce 7e9816e89d.jpg

Brad Pitt a5895320e3.jpg

Cameron Diaz 357b893319.jpg

Christina Aguilera

Anne Hathaway

93e5b0474c.jpg24bbc78948.jpg Justin Timberlake Paris Hilton


Scarlett Johansson 90bae0151d.jpg83d1259300.jpg


Lindsay Lohan a9eda59159.jpg

Gwen Stefani 8d0eef255d.jpg

Jennifer Lopez 9c90aa4d01.jpg

Britney Spears 3d565447e2.jpg

Fergie cd89347807.jpg

Avril Lavigne and Kelly Osbourne 1df30bc27d.jpg

Photos on the preview: BEI / REX / Shutterstock,

Rob Latour / REX / Shutterstock

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