Children form the fate of grievances

Resentment at his father make to believe in God, protesting against him.

Faith, in which there is a protest, engenders fanaticism.

Fanaticism in weak form would be tenacity and perseverance.

Fanaticism in strong form ruthless readiness to shed rivers of blood.

As faith in God is associated with resentment at his father?

God in our mind - is the image of a strong father. If the image of the father of the child was strong, resentful child will prove to him his right to be achieve through. He gets to the top of Mount Olympus, to fall prostrate, and thus feel small and weak.

If a child says his dad weak, it will look for someone who can demonstrate his strength and power a firm hand.

Who is in the world today openly show power? They are men of the world of gangsters, sects and spets.sluzhb.

Having found such a leader instead of his weak father, the child will be cruel, naively believing that she has the power.

At first, he shall be put to the entire soul of their sect and its leader, considering him a messenger of God, and then longing for the real father will make it as weak as the one whom he had always rejected.

Lost faith in everything, the man put the money on the role of God. And it will be chasing them. So he will feel protected and father and leader of the sect of treachery.

Patterns of Destiny form children's resentment. They are forced to prove that then fail.

Usually Fate becomes clear at the end of life.

Wisdom is to see your way in advance. And to understand that all his turns were road of love.

© Marc Ifraimov


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