Window-power: the scientists figured out how to save us from electricity bills

SolarWindows Technologies company has created a revolutionary coating that allows any glass surface can be turned into a powerful solar panel. Theoretically, having put it on the window of his apartment, you get rid of electricity bills.

The transformation of a normal window into a solar cell occurs in several stages. It was successively coated with a special layer of films consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and several other elements, company names are kept secret. This so-called active layer absorbs light, which accumulate transparent conductors. A layer of transparent film (for this it in the liquid state is exposed to low temperatures), so they can cover any glass or plastic surface, while maintaining its optical properties.

Solar panels installed on the roofs and walls of buildings and generate electricity already exist. However, due to the low energy expended to install them recoup the money obtained only after 5-11 years. According to SolarWindows Technologies, their technology can produce fifty times more energy than is common today, solar panels, so that such batteries will start to make a profit much earlier. This efficiency is due to the fact that SolarWindows development capable of generating electricity by absorbing not only bright, straight, and dim sunlight and even the light from the bulbs. Furthermore, since the new batteries are applied directly to the window, not to be found in building additional space for their installation.

The Company expects that the development will be interested primarily owners of office buildings.

"This innovative breakthrough will produce electricity with the help of half a billion square meters of windows, which are set annually in commercial buildings in the United States" - says CEO John Conklin SolarWindows Technologies
. However, nothing prevents turn into a small power station and a conventional window of an apartment or a country house. And then we will forget about electricity bills.

Solar Windows Technologies Company of Maryland took the next step: it started the production of transparent solar panels that can be installed instead of the usual glass: so that every family is able to generate their own electricity.


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