Mercedes-Benz ELC - a new electric crossover from the German manufacturers

The world-famous German company Mercedes-Benz has decided to join the ranks of manufacturers of cars with an electric drive. The company's specialists are actively working on the creation of a model that can compete with the US Tesla Model S. At least, they have high hopes for it.

Independent experts, on the other hand, are skeptical of the attempt: too long a German manufacturer of passively watching the successful development of the company's Elon Musk. Lost precious years. According to experts, to meet the requirements of today and to provide worthy competition Tesla products, it was necessary to develop an electric vehicle is still 4-5 years ago. This lag is also due to the fact that "stardom" of Mercedes is not really allowed and appreciate Tesla and see in it a serious competitor.

Amateurs and professionals electromobile market looking forward to September of this year, when the new Mercedes-Benz crossover will be presented to the public. The presentation will be held at the Motor Show in Paris. As for mass production, the planned period of time - not earlier than 2019. According to the director and founder of Tesla Elon Musk, by the time the company achieved sales of electric 0, 5 million. Units per year. It is extremely difficult to be a German producer to exceed these figures.

It is assumed that the designers will create a completely new concept electric vehicle appearance. Electric equip autonomous control that displays a novelty in the category of models that meet the latest modern standards. Following the crossover will release a premium sedan, which will be similar to the parameters with the Tesla Model S. First elektrokrossover, according to experts, will be located in the same niche with the Tesla Model X, but by the number of sales will be very large gap. The basic model for the crossover will be the most likely model of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLE.

Company Mercedes-Benz is still true development of SUVs: GLE, GLE Coupe, GLC, GLC Coupe and flagship GLS. ELC electric version will be created on the basis of GLC. And GLC platform will become quite a modified design. The main task, which set themselves the designers - significantly improve aerodynamic performance electric

. From meager grain leaked become aware of some technical details. For example, the battery will be placed in a niche under the floor. The power plant will also include two electric motors with a total power of 536 hp the battery capacity will provide the electric vehicle movement on one full charge of more than 400 km. Developers intend to give this model wireless charging system, which is also a sign of a modern electromobile transport.


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