She strapped to the foot of a piece of bread and went to sleep. What happened in the morning, surprise!

< Dry corn on the toe or sole - not only an aesthetic problem. Calluses and corns can be quite painful, especially if you have to wear closed shoes and narrow.

< «Website» knows the secret of fast getting rid of calluses and other skin imperfections on the legs! Everything will take place in one night, just to make a compress made from natural ingredients ... Skin refreshed, legs look well-groomed, and no discomfort!

How to cure mozolTebe need
  • a piece of slightly stale bread
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • food film < /

    It is better to carry out the procedure in the evening to be able to leave the healing compress all night on foot.

    1. to moisten the bread in vinegar and place it on the corn, from which you want to get rid of.
    2. primotat acetic bread to the leg by means of a food film.
    3. Put on top of warm socks.
    4. Take compress morning. Corn softened, it will be very easy to remove!

      Learning, how to remove the corn , I immediately tried this method! I had a blister on the thumb of his left foot. Shoes with heels was inaccessible luxury - even uncomfortable to walk in their favorite sandals

      . When I saw his feet in the morning after the procedure, extremely happy: a few movements with a pumice stone, and the corn was gone! The softened skin was supple, roughness whatever happened. Neither foot cream did not give such a brilliant result: skin is smooth and pleasant to the touch ...

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