20 photos to prove that love - this is exactly what we need

Love is not only in novels and movies beautiful. It is more than real, living in ordinary people, their actions, thoughts and feelings. And no matter how skeptical and thick-skinned nor did we have life, light feeling still would find a loophole to melt our hearts.

In this post Website gathered touching pictures - a reminder that love - it's not old wives' tale, but what gives strength to all of us

children tried to teach their parents to swim. and this is what came of it.

boy loves the girl from the book and the kisses her every time he sees.

Dad always will shelter from the rain, even if he will get wet to the skin.

3-day-old chicks are enjoying the warmth of my coffee mug.

teacher brought her cat to the lesson. Every time he asked a question to the class, the cat mewed, and is counted as a response.

Mom gave puppies the best place to sleep.

Girl put on her beloved dog baby things that her mom saved up for future grandchildren.

spite of illness and age, the grandfather did to his wife on a surprise 57th wedding anniversary.

only the world's prediction that immediately executed.

man if for the first time meets his beloved.

dog works in dentistry, where he helps young patients better tolerate stress.

girl all night did not depart from her horse when she was not feeling well.

Marine carries a friend who was exhausted after a long search of work.

So you need to keep warm in cold weather.

does not matter who you are and how to look, the main thing - you are good together.

Hugs are never superfluous.

favorite for you - the whole world.

Love - the feeling that you sneaked through his whole life.

Photos on the preview: sevan / twitter.com

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