That's why I go barefoot at least 10 minutes a day! Upon learning the details, you just try ...

This is one of the easiest methods of healing that I know! How pleasant to walk barefoot on the grass, feel the freshness of her skin ... Stop Walking barefoot - a procedure that stimulates and restores the metabolism. Just 10 minutes a day is enough to start to lose weight, look younger and less tired!

Boating bosikomKonechno, barefoot in the snow can only go prepared, seasoned people. A more realistic simply to walk on the grass or ground, but not less useful!

On the feet there are many active points, which are responsible for the proper functioning of internal organs. Legs, hidden in shoes, deprived of influence on these points. It is important to encourage them by doing a foot massage, or better yet - just take your shoes off and walk in the garden, on the lawn, on the grass near the house

. For these walks in a few days you will notice that it became more vigorous. Gone back pain and leg, starts updating all the body's cells. Regularly walk barefoot advises Professor Ivan Neumyvakin to those who are not in the order of the nervous system, who often enough sleep and suffer from headaches. It will also help restore the metabolism and lose weight!

Do not wonder, possible to walk barefoot it shows all! I advise you to try as soon as possible and feel how great it ... Wish your friends good health, showing them our article!


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