10 things about the purpose of which we had no idea

around a lot of things that we see every day, but do not even know why they were created.

We are in the Website opened several of these "secrets" and finally found out why there is a cylinder on charging for the laptop. I am pleased to share with you!

Why loop on the back of the shirt

On this issue, there are three plausible versions. The first most obvious - that loop is created in order to be able to hang a shirt on the hook, and she hesitated. The second version came to us from the time of removable collars and scarves: perhaps this loop was created for fastening tie. The third version of the most romantic. The student, who studied at an American university, when I started dating a girl, cut the loop in a sign that he is busy. And she, in turn, had to wear a scarf of his college.

Why a barrel on the cord from the laptop charging

Are you sure you have noticed this thickening on laptop charging wire or camera. This is a simple, but very important device called "ferrite". It removes the possibility of interference from the power cable. The design of this filter is impossibly simple: inside the cylinder are inserts of ferrite wire that goes around the ring

Why do I need a hole in the airplane

. Illuminator consists of two plastic glasses. Due to the large pressure difference between the air gap between the glass and the inner compartment "glazed" may burst. This small hole created just to normalize pressure. Through it, the air is discharged from the inter-glass space or, conversely, seeps out of the cabin.

What is the blue part of the eraser

Ask any man: "Why do we need the blue part of the eraser," and he will tell you with certainty that in order to erase the pen. But it is not so. Initially, the blue part was intended to erase the graffiti made on thick paper. The red part of the eraser will leave stains, but the blue handle it perfectly. Subsequently, the manufacturers realized that the blue part is used for other purposes, and made this a marketing ploy. Some of the eraser on blue even began to depict the handle.

Why the top and bottom tabs are arranged horizontally on the shirt

Another "Shirt" question, but there is no romance. The fact is that the most likely that will undo button in these locations. The horizontal loop pressure falls on the corner and the chance that the button slides out of the hole decreases.

Why sneakers additional holes

These additional holes in sneakers few people pay attention, but in vain, because they are very useful. These holes are designed to fix the leg tighter and rub the foot during sports. Learning how to tie shoelaces, and use these holes can be on this video instructions.

What hole in the spoon spaghetti

This is brilliant, why I did not know before! The hole in the spoon for the spaghetti is done in order to measure the amount of dry pasta to cook a standard serving. It is clear that someone is eating a little, and someone really loves noodles and ready to eat at a time the whole pack, but for those who have an appetite, "medium" and who always lost much sleep spaghetti - is opening a real salvation
Why do you need a small pocket on the jeans

The most popular answer - to wear condoms. Of course, this pocket can be put anything, including contraception, but it is not originally created for this purpose. For the first time in five pocket he appeared in 1873 on the Levi's jeans and was intended for a pocket watch. Until now, the company directory is called «watch pocket»

. Why do you need a hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen

Distributed misconception that the hole made for air to enter the lungs, if the cap gets stuck in the trachea. But it is not so. If such a cap choke (and anything else), the mucous begins to swell. This small hole is created to prevent the absorption in the mucous cap.

Why do you need to shred the fabric that is attached to the new clothes

Imagine, not patchwork! It turns out that manufacturers apply this rag, so that we could wash it with powder or bleach to check how the tissue reacts. My life will not be the same!

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