60 minutes riding on this bike can provide your home with electricity for 24 hours

People often complain about the high cost of energy and the fact that they "never have enough time to exercise." These are two completely different issues, as it turns out, can now be solved at the same time.

< Website offers you to get acquainted with the amazing invention which burns calories and lights bulbs.

Billionaire Manoj Bhargava India invented the electric hybrid bicycle, with which you can generate electricity at home.

When a person turns the bicycle pedal starts the flywheel, which spins a generator and charges the battery. One hour of pedaling energy supplies farmhouse for 24 hours.

The main purpose of this brilliant creator of the bike - give a chance to 1, 3 billion people to electricity, to which they have access due to poverty. It will also connect to the Internet and get an education.

In developed countries, the bike can also be used to reduce energy costs and get rid of obesity

«If you possess the wealth, you simply must help those who are not so lucky» ,. - Manoj says, planning to create 10,000 bikes in India and to allocate 90% of his fortune to charity and research.

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