6 tricks in clothes that will highlight your figure

Any woman, regardless of shape, age or nationality, always wants something to change or improve in their appearance. No exception, and those of us who went on the nature not very curvaceous. Of course, exercise can help to achieve the desired bend, but sometimes wait so long simply do not have strength and patience.

< Website selected for you 6 techniques that, without a doubt, visually enhance your figure in the right places and accentuate existing dignity.

accentuate the waist

To visually enlarge your form, choose clothes that emphasizes the waist. The longer it will look, the more volume will look your figure. Avoid shapeless dresses that visually enhance the waist only.

Focus on legs

One of the main laws of fashion is: if you want your figure seem longer, do not be shy to show their beautiful feet

Choose pencil skirts and lush lace skirt

The first pencil skirt made great Christian Dior, and since then it is a must-have wardrobe of any woman. She successfully emphasizes all the advantages of including it is capable of and visually enlarge the ass. But the benefits of lush tulle skirts can be seen with the naked vzyaglyadom.

Prefer horizontal lines

Dresses and skirts with horizontal contrasting stripes are simply created to make the figure more feminine and elegant. Such a pattern visually increases the girth of the hips, making your forms more rounded

Crop top with a skirt or shorts skater -. The best combination

Crop top idelno emphasizes the waist and denim shorts, in turn, is the best fit a desired location. So fashionable today skater skirt, or simply flared skirt, without a doubt, is able to attract passers-by looks reasonable length and curvaceous. It visually increase the priest and help you achieve the desired silhouette "hourglass┬╗.

Tight fabric

Dresses, skirts and jeans elastic trailing material may favorably parties attached all the advantages. Such tissue tightens and lifts the buttocks. Add the image to your shoes or sandals with high heels, and from you will not be able to look away.

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