10 useful tricks for clothes! Will save a lot of time…

How often do we throw away clothes because derivable, stubborn stains? Today our editors offer to your attention 10 amazing tricks that will help you to get rid of this problem and will return the clothes pristine and facilitate daily chores!

Ideas for clothing
  1. That the clothes did not appear terrible creases from hangers, enough to cut off a small piece of aquapulco and fasten it as shown in the photo. Now your favorite pants don't iron!
    Seventy nine million fifty eight thousand two hundred eighty five

  2. To get rid of yellow stains on clothing will help liquid dishwashing and hydrogen peroxide.
    Seventy five million three hundred forty nine thousand two hundred thirty five

  3. Once again not to iron t-shirts and sweaters, sushi them right on the hanger!
    Thirty four million one hundred thirteen thousand three hundred thirty three

  4. If you put a greasy stain on clothing, RUB it with chalk and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then RUB the stain with a cloth to remove any chalk. If the stain is still visible, rinse the contaminated area of the fabric in cold water.
    Three million four hundred twenty eight thousand four hundred fifteen

  5. Also from the grease stains will help to get rid of lighter fluid. Apply a little liquid on the stain and leave for a few minutes, the gasoline has evaporated. Repeat the procedure until until the stain is gone, then wash the thing in the washing machine.
    Twenty four million seven hundred sixteen thousand one hundred seventy five

  6. Back cushions old white will help washing powder, bleach and borax!
    Ninety eight million four hundred ninety nine thousand two hundred sixty six

  7. To get rid of musty smell towel, enough to soak them for 2 hours in a mixture of water, detergent and white vinegar. 5 litres of water will need 200 g of vinegar and 50 g of powder.
    Eighty one million two hundred forty three thousand nine hundred forty three

  8. To remove from clothing ink stain will help ordinary wash Windows. To do this, apply a little liquid on the stain and leave to act for 5 minutes. Then send the thing into the washing machine.
    Thirty five million seven hundred sixty thousand six hundred fifty nine

  9. If you do not have iron, and you need to quickly iron a shirt, try this little trick! With a bottle of spray a little wet thing, and then dry with a hair dryer.
    Forty four million one hundred eighty five thousand one hundred twenty three

  10. To quickly get rid of any kind dirt on clothing, build a "box ambulance". Place in it means that are often use to remove all sorts of contaminants. In my box I put vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, soap, salt, ammonia, benzene, citric acid, turpentine and acetone.
    Twenty six million four hundred fifty six thousand eight hundred seventy four

Our office has been delighted by all these tricks! And what are the tricks you? Don't forget to share your knowledge in the comments.

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