7 secrets things of which we were unaware

We are so used to see some of the everyday things that stopped paying attention to the details. But sometimes even the smallest and inconspicuous feature may be hiding a brilliant idea or compelling story.

Therefore, the Website once again asked a question: and what does it do? Have collected for you the 7 most amazing ideas that no one noticed.

Mysterious zigzag tram

If you look at the tram tracks, you will notice that the contact wire is not straight, and zigzag.

On the roof of the tram is a susceptor. The upper part of the susceptor in contact with the wire and when driving wear. That he had not worn in one place, the wire is placed strictly along the path of motion and a small zigzag. Gliding, as if he is polishing the susceptor, and wear evenly.

Who killed the king?

In the well-known French design of the deck the king of hearts have a rather strange image. Not only that, he's the only beardless king, and aiming a sword himself in the head. There are several theories on this.

  • In the first version, an early image of this card shows the king of hearts holding an axe during the battle. Subsequently, because your cards axe "lost" and became like a sword that pierces the king's own head.
  • Another theory says that the king of hearts was Charles VII (king of France). He has gone crazy and in fear of what trying to poison him, raised his sword over his head and killed himself.
  • Others think the king is Ajax the Great. It is believed that the Queen of hearts — Helen of Troy — most beautiful of women. And he Ajax the Great was one of the suitors of Helen, who, not having chosen one, killed himself with the sword.
Reliable shield of great Britain

If you put the British coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5,10, 20, 50 pence, they form a "Reliable shield of Britain". And here is the coin of 1 pound, this is the shield depicted entirely. This is just a brilliant idea.

The symbol on the label — open the jar

The open jar symbol or PAO — period after opening (period-after-opening), represents the period during which the product can be used without harm, since its opening.

This symbol is depicted on the makeup, next to the written number and the letter "M" — months. This number shows the maximum recommended period of use, which will not bring harm to the consumer.

The crown of the statue of Liberty

Everyone saw the statue of Liberty. But you probably didn't know that on the crown of the statue are exactly 7 spikes, which symbolize the 7 continents or seas, must pass through the freedom. And weighs each peak exactly 100 kg.

Blank pages in books

You've probably noticed that in some books at the end or in the beginning there is one, if not several blank pages. Why are they needed?

The fact that the pages for books are usually printed on very large sheets of paper, not a separate aspect. Therefore, if the work is not included on the whole sheet, then additional pages are left blank. Some even write "notes" or leave other title, so readers did not think that this is a printing error.

Multi-colored toothpaste

Have you ever wondered why the classic toothpaste has stripes of three colors: white, blue and red? It turns out that each colour has a different composition and purpose.

  • White component — the most important, contains elements that help remove plaque and whiten teeth.
  • Blue (or green) is responsible for the freshness of the breath and antimicrobial action.
  • And red came later. It contains elements to protect and strengthen the gums.
However, there is no strict requirements for the separation of these components. Just clearer and more beautiful.

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