Have you noticed that eventually narrows the circle of your friends?

Have you noticed that eventually narrows the circle of your friends? It's time to stop worrying about it and realize that it is probably good!

What to keep in touch with friends who are not really interested in you and do not share your interests? Often when we get older, we make a simple choice - we spend the time with those people with whom we really interesting. Real friends are hard to find, and we need to learn to recognize those who have to stay in our lives, and who should not.

These few things will help you understand that the process of eliminating the "friendship" a completely natural and normal!

You can no longer tolerate insincerity and falsehood

As we grow older and wiser, we can no longer ignore the fact that those people with whom we communicated previously, is no longer suited "to today's" us. We are starting to see through insincere and not suitable for us friends. We recognize that the advantage of "quality over quantity" also refers to friendship.

Choose honest and sincere conversation with a good friend, rather than a superficial conversation with the man.

You have less time

As we age, we have more responsibility and less time, and communication usually takes a back seat. When this happens, we begin to appreciate their free time and understand that it is not necessary to spend it on the people whose company we do not really even like.

Much more important and useful to spend their already limited free time for friends who are important to us and really like for us.

Your friendship deepens with time

As we grow older, our fair-weather friends are eliminated. There remain only those who have been with us a number of not only good, but also in the most terrible times. Our relationship with these people only becomes deeper, we cease to look for other, since starting to see who our true friend. And this relationship over time, become stronger!

You have more experience

We all need a friend who will support us. When you get older, you begin to see who you can count really!

This will help you know who to stay, and with whom it is time to say goodbye.

Awareness of the true value of friendship - this is an invaluable lesson that can teach you only experience

. Author: Jade Small


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