Sour cream cake with a special ingredient: 15 minutes preparation, even the oven does not have to!

< «Website» you want to please a great recipe dessert of cream with a refreshing sour cherry, which can be very useful for hot summer days! This cake does not require baking: fast and convenient option when you want sweet, and the time is not particularly

Sour cream cake with cake vishneyGotovy keeps excellent shape, has a delicate texture and a pleasant sweet-sour taste.

600 g cherries, pitted 400 g crackers with poppy seeds (not salted) 1 tbsp. sugar 500 ml sour cream 25% fat-th 25 g gelatin 0, 5, ch. l. sugar Preparation

Gelatin Soak for 20 minutes of warm boiled water. When gelatin swell, put a container with them in a water bath, stirring, warming up, but to the boiling is not an argument. In a deep bowl, mix sour cream with the vanilla and the usual sugar, pour a thin stream of gelatin mixture and mix thoroughly. < / In the appropriate bowl, combine cracker with a cherry and zaley sour cream Gently mix the mass. tamp weight of a spoon, not pressing down too hard, and push the flat top plate. Send to a future cake in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, but it is better - at night. By the way, if there is in the economy split molds for cakes , is more convenient to take advantage of it. Get the cake from the refrigerator and turn the shape upside down. For dessert easily moved away from the wall for a few seconds dip form (not completely) in the pot with hot water.

Prisyp finished cake cocoa or grated chocolate and serve! By the way, fruits and berries for dessert that you can change the mood every time get a new cake flavor

! Prepare, raduy their loved ones, and do not forget to share the recipe!


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