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Sometimes gadgets make us more productive, but often they take our time - quietly, but dangerous. How to detect and prevent it, says the author of the blog A Life Of Productivity Chris Bailey.

Of course, to be in touch today necessary. It even creates a sense of productivity: in your work so there is a lot more new incentives

. But in fact, as the mass of research, multi-tasking undermines our productivity. It is simply impossible seriously to plunge into work, if your attention is sprayed several things at once. And smartphones are quite distracting us.

Three months I spent such an experiment used a smartphone just an hour a day. And then experimented with policies that do not allow the phone to take too much power over my life - but at the same time allow it to keep on hand at the right time to be in touch

. I wanted to write a sermon on the fairly obvious things: what you need to use the phone less, sometimes leaving his home, etc. Instead, I decided to study the habits that I have developed after the experiment, and that allows me to not give up on your phone, but productive.

Here are a few of these techniques.

1. exchanged phone numbers. I and my girlfriend have a simple ritual that we perform whenever time together: we exchange phone numbers. When we need to look at something, call, take pictures, phone handy - but it does not suck us into their abyss. This simple ritual, and I'm not doing that again with anyone. And it turned out to be the best way to spend time together, and pay attention to each other, rather than technique.

2. The strategic "flight mode." When I dine, drink a coffee or a drink with someone, I immediately translate phone in flight mode, so I was not distracted by any messages and notifications. The same thing I do every day from 8 pm to 8 am to disconnect before go to bed, and recharge after the wake. I usually look forward to this ritual, because after I have a feeling of freshness. And people can sense when you're not just dealing with them, and give them full attention.

3. Breaks. Incredibly, as the meaning and benefits of bringing small breaks during the day. We feel much better when disconnected from the phone during simple activities - as we stand in line at the cash register, go to a nearby cafe for a cup of coffee, or even go to the toilet. These little breaks help us porefleksirovat, freshen up, think about what to do next, or even just to dream, to solve the labor problem in a more creative way. When the phone fills your entire day without a trace, you lose it all. Undoubtedly, staring at the phone and do something with it - much more fun than to idle brain, but the benefits last lesson - even if it's only a couple of minutes - unbelievable

. 4. "Senseless" folder. Create a folder in the phone, which stores all of the applications that you use on a habit, not really thinking - email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. I personally do not hold the phone and email applications removing any social network, where I have a tendency to waste time. But I left in the "senseless┬╗ Instagram app folder and web analytics with statistics of my website. This folder serves me very useful reminder that run these applications are simply not worth it.

5. Turn off all notifications. They are always pleased and feel not allow cut off from the world and from work. But often notice creates only the illusion of productivity. And when they take your time, you have time to do less. Gloria Mark of the University of California, which explores the note discovered that when we are constantly distracted while working, this concentration recovery takes a long time - up to 25 minutes. My phone does not ring or beep with the exception of those cases when I someone calls. The majority of these notifications is clearly not worth the 25 minutes that I could spend on a serious work. (And I still see them when I watch the time on the phone.)

Probably, your smartphone does not devour all of your time, but most of all, he takes a disproportionate share of your attention. And it turns into a huge loss of productivity. Do not allow the phone to seep into your life and your work - an effort that will pay off a hundredfold

. Author: Chris Bailey


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