Why does a woman need to be afraid to show their strength

As a man is afraid to appear weak, and women need to be afraid to show their strength.

This phrase without decoding, many do not realize okleveschut, deem sexism or male chauvinism.

Therefore, the explanation attached.

The woman, looking strong, gives a signal to others: "Do not come. Do not help. I myself. »

Ambient, seeing a strong woman, always leave her alone, offering her overtime.

Weak women have no a priori. How to say the Taoists: "Woman - the land. The man - a tree growing on the ground. " So where and when the land was weaker than wood?

When a powerful being hiding power, less power does not become, but the opportunities are increasing. Hunt becomes easier. Beasts closer fit.

From time immemorial, men hunted wild game, and the women on the successful men. But no strong man chooses a life partner to one that demonstrates the strength of greater than he.

Not because it is weak, because the power of Yin Yang is powered by the force. Two Yan destroy each other.

If a woman much Yang, then it is out of place in the family. It replaces the departed man of the family. The one who is not in place, can not bring good luck. Men instinctively know this and avoid such women.

Modern states have trained women to be proud of protruding force as well as it is now taught homosexuality citizens.

A woman with a big Yang as Vesuvius. A man in front of her, like Pompeii.

A woman with deep Yin as the present lake, healing powers, which come to rest, recover resources and soothe the spirit before a new achievement. For it will come back forever. As long as the Yin. That's the way the nature of things. Yin Yang force is equal to the force.

Woman denies Yin only state needs as a taxpayer and a modern slave, the importance of which means the whole time fanning the media.

I hope after the first line of explanation, dear women, do not you think sexism? Author on your side, even if it seems cruel and ignorant.

© Marc Ifraimov


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