She put the compress and tightly wrapped knees! An hour later, her life changed ...

< Stifle , perhaps, one of the largest in our body, but also the most vulnerable.

Every day on our knees fall huge load, and if they are aggravated still overweight, unhealthy diet, frequent injuries, there is nothing surprising in the fact that with age knee pain is starting to feel almost every 2- First person on the planet.

At the first alarming symptoms should consult a doctor and start timely Treatment of joints , since advanced cases are fraught with complete immobility. Causes of knee pain and injury can be, and arthrosis, and arthritis, and rheumatism and bursitis, so before starting therapy need to find out the exact diagnosis.

< «Website» knows a few popular ways to help remove the inflammation and pain of the knee before the start of multimodality treatment.

knees Treatment folk remedies
Cabbage leaf wash, wipe dry and attach to the sore knee, wrapping an elastic bandage. It is better to leave at night. Badger fat (available in pharmacies) Melt in a water bath and in equal proportions mixed with honey. Rubbed agent in sore knee several times a day Compress radish at night:. Mix the gruel black radish with honey in equal parts, and is applied to the knee, wrap film, and the top towel. This mixture is desirable to eat inside and for healthy joints.

Remember that the knee disease - a serious business that requires a holistic approach: diet, removal of the inflammatory process, chondroprotectors, physiotherapy. But before beginning active operations, do not forget to visit the doctor.

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