A girl with a perfect figure show the effects of bloating

Bloating is really a serious issue of concern to a great number of people all over the planet. It can transform any woman in pregnancy, and any man in the pot-bellied beer lover. His history of difficult relations with bloating decided to share fitness blogger Brian Tiffany (Tiffany Brien). She took a few photos of her belly with a time difference of only 12 hours to tell users in all seriousness swelling. And it succeeded.

Meet the blogger Brian Tiffany

She recently shared photographs taken after only 12 hours in which she showed that with which it has to constantly put up

The first photo she did before going to sleep, and the other immediately after awake. The difference on the face, ie, on his stomach ...

Photos Tiffany accompanied by the following text:

"No, I'm not on the 6th month of pregnancy. It's my stomach after I ate ... These two photos I have made a difference in 12 hours left - before I went to bed, right - when I woke »

. "We are not what we appear to be in social networks. I want to share with you pictures of her bad days, to show that nobody is perfect, and that it is normal when you have days when your body does not look the best way. Do not worry, girls, it happens even to the best of us »

In his swelling Tiffany blames the "lack of sleep, stress, hormones and food intolerance," ie, everything with which she fights for many years

What most saddens Tiffany, it's the food, because the stomach may swell from that the food she eats regularly:

"Sometimes, your body no longer properly respond to the food that you normally eat, and you have to exclude it. Do you think it's fun? Actually, no. »

< However, the swelling in his Tiffany blames no food, and stress

"Stress. Here is the culprit. I have a very, very hard work, which pisses me off every day. I love my job for anything in the world would not want to change it, I just need to devote more time to relieve stress, it will allow me to relax, and my insides "unwind" after a hard day at the office "- says Tiffany" Yoga, walk with a dog, or I can just throw the legs and watch your favorite show, "- she added

Trying to keep it casual bloating to a minimum, at the same time leads Tiffany blog about distressovoy activity, and it seems it helps her cope with her problem

"I know what I'm doing wrong, and I know how to fix it, but to build it all in your usual way of life, that's the hardest part. I try to sleep more, rest more, eat properly and I definitely see improvement, so I want to share tips and photos of their experience »

Tiffany hopes that her fitness journey will inspire many people to combat stress in everyday life, and they will pay attention to the losses that it has on our body

Fight stress, relax more and be healthy!

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