Useful exercises for the abdominal organs

Exercises performed lying in bed, mandatory for healthy people and patients of all ages who want to prevent heart disease (heart attack), to restore and maintain good health, and in extreme conditions: astronauts, submariners, etc., which require revitalization of the body in cramped conditions.


1. Abdominal muscles vigorously push the navel up, as if pushing the top and bottom of the abdomen (Fig. 1).

Then quickly pull your navel back, as if connecting the top and bottom of the abdomen.

Breath 1 exhalation each exercise is performed 8 times.

You started to do exercise but it does not work, the belly button does not respond. To your abdominal muscles (belly button) listen to my advice.

  • 1 with vigorously squeeze the thumb and index finger on the right or left hand, make a ring.
  • Synchronously with the movement of your fingers, pull the navel in the stomach. It will involve a top and bottom part of the stomach with speed and force equal to the fingers.
  • Then suddenly, 1 with right fingers.
  • Synchronously with the power push the belly button is he pushing the top and bottom of the abdomen.

The fingers will control the movements of the navel, with tension of the abdominal muscles and the entire body when performing any other exercises. Don't forget that.

2. Index finger (brush) the left hand bend at first, then sharply right to the right side of the abdomen, and synchronous with the movement of the finger (of the hand) as if pushing the belly button to the right (Fig. 2).

1 exhaling, the exercise is done 8 times.

Then do the same with the right hand for the left side of the abdomen.

3. The index finger (or a brush) any hands make circles around the navel (Fig. 3).

Synchronously with the movement of the fingers follow the muscles of the abdomen clockwise motion (as if rotate the navel). Breath 1 exhalation 8 laps.

Then follow the movement of the navel in the opposite direction.

4. The fingers are connected in a ring, then force it quickly apart.

Synchronously with the movements of the fingers is ejected from the navel upward, pushing the right and left sides of the abdomen (Fig. 4). Breath 1 exhalation is performed 8 movements of the navel.

5. Thumb and forefinger divorced, then quickly compressed into a ring.

Synchronous navel vigorously retracts into the belly, pulling the right and left sides. Breath 1 exhalation is performed 8 movements of the navel.

After performing these exercises will increase the blood flow in the internal organs.

They received an active massage, which expanded the capillaries for the passage of blood, lymph and improve the provision of oxygen. These bodies will work well all day. published


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