6 bad daily habits, because of which there is bloating.

It is believed that the bloating - this is not a single disease, but a symptom of other more serious diseases of the digestive system. But at times by flatulence and may suffer quite healthy people! And there is such a discomfort due to some bad eating habits ...

«Website» advises to pay attention to the reasons for this unpleasant sensation and suggest, how to quickly get rid of bloating
Causes swelling zhivota

It is better to eat more often, but small portions, than it rarely, aptly! There are too many fatty foods
It is known that fats digested longer than carbohydrates or proteins, so long as the stomach is filled. To prevent bloating, limit the intake of fatty foods. quick snack
The man who at a rapid pace absorbs food and even completely chews it, probably suffering from bloating after meals. The solution is simple - do not hurry, and slowly enjoy every bite! The feeling of satiety occurs in 20 minutes ... air Ingestion
It occurs at the same fast food intake. And forget about carbonated beverages and chewing gum: they do as they like to lighten our bellies A lot of easily digestible carbohydrates, fiber and starch
Sweets, pastries, pasta, potatoes and legumes, vegetables and fruits on an empty stomach - products, which cost to be careful. Also refrain from sweeteners , because they contain virtually no sorbitol absorbed by the body. Lactose Intolerance
Dairy products are very useful, but unfortunately they contain lactose (milk sugar) can not tolerate all.

How to avoid bloating
It is advisable to walk after taking food. Moreover, regular exercise helps reduce the accumulation of gas and bloating. Do not eat and do not drink too hot or cold. to reduce the amount of food stimulants such as coffee, chocolate and tea. Give preference to herbal teas, especially chamomile and mint. To remove from the intestines and stomach gases, making use of sorbents. And more good mood! It is believed that stress and anxiety can cause explosive belly.

If Symptoms of flatulence are rare and pass quickly, that his reasons can be attributed just some bad habits, from which should get rid of. In severe cases, you need to see a doctor.

We wish you and your loved ones feel perfectly!


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