10 series, which filmed the coolest contemporary filmmakers

Soaps have long ceased to be only housewives entertainment. Now it is well thought out story that we are ready to watch all night, then the risk of being late for work. And increasingly, for the tricky storylines are not nameless writers, and cult filmmakers.

< Website offers to evaluate the compilation series from the filmmakers. That is what is sure to look up the last of the season!

«Twin Peaks" David Lynch's Twin Peaks, 1990-1991

When we fall into nostalgia for the 90-m, comes to mind, this world-famous and mysterious work of David Lynch. And although the second season did not begin to take off due to low ratings, the question "Who killed Laura Palmer?" Will excite a generation of moviegoers. Innuendo, psychology, mystery - these are the main trump cards "Twin Peaks»

«Boardwalk Empire," Martin Scorsese
. Boardwalk Empire, 2010-2014

Old-fashioned drama series about American gangsters of the 1920s. So good. After the first episode of director and producer - Martin Scorsese himself. For an accurate recreation of the situation in the pilot series has been spent almost $ 18 million.

«Rome» Michael Apted Rome, 2005-2007

Rare Military History series, which was able to vividly portray the lives of ordinary people. Battle, the feasts - it seems that everything is so close that you can reach out a hand. The filming of the first series was Michael Apted, former president of the Directors Guild of America, which account for such works as "The World Is Not Enough" and "The Chronicles of Narnia».

«Hospital" Knickerbocker " "Steven Soderbergh's The Knick, 2014 -...

Director and producer of the work - Steven Soderbergh, who directed all the "Ocean's" and "Erin Brockovich." Hero - a New York doctor early XX century. Naturalistic scenes in the film are accompanied by disturbing music. Ideal angles and vivid characters with contradictory character - a great cocktail for movie marathon weekend

«Strain 'by Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain, 2014 -...


Guillermo Del Toro - a man who knows a lot about bullying: remember even the "Pan's Labyrinth." This time he took up the theme of zombies and vampires. Connoisseurs of the genre will appeal the result.

«Top of the Lake" Jane Campion's Top of the Lake, 2013 -...

The story of the search for the missing pregnant schoolgirl from New Zealand. series Director - Jane Campion, starring in the 1992 drama "The Piano." This is an unusual detective story, because there is almost nothing happens. But at the same time for a leisurely narrative emerges a personal story. And help here, of course, breathtaking panorama. The pleasure for fans to think alone.

«Boss» Gus Van Sant Boss, 2011-2012

Drama with great thought-out plot. The director and producer of the first episode - Gus Van Sant, who directed "Good Will Hunting." The protagonist - Chicago Mayor with memory impairment. Until his illness no one realizes he is in charge of cynical political intrigues. Goodies in the series not at all, and to root for someone, it is necessary to choose the lesser of two evils.

«Borgia" Neil Jordan's The Borgias, 2011-2013

Once again, Jeremy Irons in the role of a hero with negative charisma - this time immoral pope. Director - Neil Jordan, author of "Interview with the Vampire" and "Breakfast on Pluto." The series had turned tense and dramatic, with elegant costumes and memorable soundtrack.

«The Good Wife," Ridley Scott's The Good Wife, 2009-2016

The main character - a strong woman in captivity family drama and legal claims. This whole image at once attracts and holds the attention on himself the whole story. At the same time during playback, you can learn more about the American judicial system. Among the producers of the series - Ridley Scott, who gave us "Gladiator" and "Martian»

«House of Cards," David Fincher's House of Cards, 2013 -...


Great drama of the political kitchen with Kevin Spacey in the title role. The director of the first series - David Fincher, the famous film "Seven," "Fight Club," "The Social Network", "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Spectators waiting branded grim and detached atmosphere Fincher. And intrigue, manipulation and incomparable play of wonderful actors.

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