20 cool ideas on how to turn an ordinary shirt into a stylish top

Only a woman can look into the closet filled with clothes and decide what she absolutely nothing to wear. If this happens, take the time to run for shopping. After all, you can arrange a much more interesting and creative activity: create a stylish new things out of old familiar, for example.

Website has prepared for you a very original and inspiring ideas.

unusual way to discover the beautiful back

Detailed instructions for remaking this article

can decorate a transparent cloth and add a touching element -. Bow

< br>
How to repeat this trick, look here.

Incredibly feminine top

How to add lace, read here.

More sequins and shine

Take advantage of this instruction.

Fringe does the usual top stylish

This article will tell in detail.

Cosmically beautiful

How to change a simple top unusual print, you'll see in this article

little creativity and scissors -. All that is needed

How to cut nice and stylish, look here.

Ombre looks great even on a T-shirt

< br> A simple method is described here.

Couple details can change the whole picture

This article tells how to make a top.

Creative way to decorate sleeve T-shirt

Detailed instructions are here.

More color

How to make a bright cool T-shirt, will tell in this video.

Lovely dress of an ordinary T-shirt

A simple method is described in this article.

Unusual jewelry with their hands

It is easy to make it, please click here

Flowers -. The sweetest print

How to grow them on your t-shirt, check out this guide.

Romantic piece adds charm

Read more in this article.

If the shirt does not fit

How to change it, see this article.

More summer, more than watermelon!

Make a bright summer you can print on these instructions.

even more fancy and cool prints

Click here to learn more.

Bright beach option

A simple way to make a charming dress.

Lace transform any simple top

How to create this beauty, read the article.

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