15 creative ideas how to transform old furniture unrecognizable

Many of us keep old things that aren't in use anymore, and throw a pity.

We at the Site believe that, with a little imagination, you can turn any old junk into a stylish, unusual and useful items. So today we gathered the coolest ideas to help you in this exciting venture.

Bright bench from old bed

Step by step instructions you'll find here.

This coil will be a stylish shelf for books

To do this is not difficult, instructions included.

Table for the creativity of her crib

If your kids have grown out of the cot, you can transform it into a comfortable place to work. How to do it, read here.

Children's kitchen for a little hostess

Children's kitchen with their hands — a great gift for my daughter. Then learn how to do it.

And the boys will appreciate such a workbench

Why buy in the store, if its easy to do it yourself, as shown here.

From the old piano will be released this unusual shelf

Here are described the intricacies of the process.

A bulky dresser can be turned into a comfortable bench

Read here how to do it.

Or a stylish wine rack

Not happy with the bulky dresser? It can be turned into stylish and useful element of the interior, as shown here.

Creative photo frame from old doors

Adorn any hallway. And how to make this beauty, you can find here.

Transform the bathroom will old dresser

Bring your bathroom a bit of Polish and finesse as shown here.

From bumpers from the crib will be elegant shelf for cookware

The author of this article knows how to keep the dishes from taste. All it needs is the bumpers from the crib.

Turn old chairs into a bench for the hallway

If you have a few unnecessary chairs, you can make one comfortable bench. And then shows you how to do it.

Rough chest turns into a functional and elegant

All you need is a wicker basket and a little imagination. The details you will find here.

Bedside table out of an old stool

Stylish table clock will be a highlight of your interior. And make it is not difficult.

Junk drawers are transformed into bright bookshelves

If the show imagination, then all of the stuff you can make useful and beautiful things. For example, bright shelves for books, as shown here.

Photo on preview of Just Jill

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15 cool ideas for remaking old furniture
15 cool ideas for remaking old furniture

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