13 ways to come back to life when it all goes wrong

Sometimes it seems that the "do not live there": no matter how hard, but life is still with his back turned. Ironically, an effective way to get back into the right track - it is to take up a new business.

Website has found several ways to use times of hardship. Remember, the main thing - to start


Even a few hours spent in an unusual and pleasant place, will help to look at the world in a new way. And - who knows? - May find a solution


Personal bests little like "kilometer run" will return confidence. No wonder they say: "A healthy body - healthy mind".

When the house is spacious, and breathing becomes easier to think.

Our environment affects the way we think. So, it is useful to get acquainted with nice people who think differently than we do.

Sometimes it is necessary to postpone the case for a couple of days and just stay at home. The day did not happen, and we will be able to calm down and think things through.

New hair color, hairstyle, make-up or clothes will help to look at ourselves through different eyes.

Take care of course. If everything goes wrong, you can ask for advice from someone who has gone through something similar. Or my mother - she is always understand


All we sometimes lean on hamburgers, seizing stress, but that only gets worse. In difficult situations where it is better to eat more grains, fruits and vegetables - especially those that improve mood.

New skills - new possibilities.

This is a good way to remind yourself that the world is huge and we are not alone in it. And if we are able to learn Chinese, or at least the times of English verbs -. Then we definitely can do anything

You do not need to change everything at once. It is better to start slowly: for example, do not sit long hours on the Internet, and go to bed on time. For a month you can get involved, and then it will be possible to get rid of something else.

One small victory means a lot. Overcome your own fear - and there will be confidence


When we forgive ourselves, and their abusers around the world, we leave the past behind: now it does not matter. Now we can move on.

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