"We have such a belief ..." The wonderful story!

This story is instructive, and fun, and most importantly - true! Site tells how to ensure your happiness with his own hands.

Proflorist.ruDavnym ago, when we have a future husband was not yet common cars, houses and vacation plans, he brought me flowers. Such a simple bouquet is not the first freshness, at a gas station in a hurry bought.

- Do you know - I told him, smoothing wrinkled roses - we, esoteric, there is a belief that the longer the flowers are presented, the relationship will be stronger

. Poor fan came every evening, sniffed and searched the bouquet that was heroic three weeks. After that, he always dragged me flowers to fill, and they all bloomed long, luxurious and a bit boastful.

Then we went on vacation, I got pregnant, had a daughter, we bought the house, moved in, and it was opened by a terrible secret that now, after the most persistent of colors, he realized - that this is the fate of the sign, and nothing will get in the way of any age nor children, nor the different interests, nor my bad character, and everything we can do it.

And I, in turn, admitted that every day I was withering roses fresh. I went to refuel and re-buy.

We, esoteric, there is a belief - what you believe, then work

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