She shared a photo Consequences of Crohn's disease, to inspire others

Most of us in his life is facing serious illnesses, ranging from large wounds and broken limbs and finishing, HIV and cancer. As if we did not want to prevent this from happening, it has always been and will be, just somebody in this respect carries more and someone less ... Today we want to introduce you to a girl named Amy Rouski (Aimee Rouski), which shared photos of the effects of Crohn's disease, photographed with a colostomy bag and showing the scars on his legs. For photos they put inspirational text, read the translation which we invite you to continue.

It Rouski Amy and she suffers from Crohn's disease. Unfortunately, Crohn's disease is incurable, so Amy decided to publish an inspiring post on Facebook, to support other people with various diseases and disorders

Below you will find photos published by the girl and her translation of messages

"I wanted to write this because I always see bodipozitivnye positions in support of people with excess weight, but for people with disabilities and people with subtle deviations are not so much" "First I have Crohn's disease, and this is a serious incurable disease, which almost killed me, and it's not just a pain in the stomach, as many people think, "" a person suffering from Crohn's disease, is forced to go through a number of different treatments, including surgery, just the topic I would like to operations and are now touch »

"My Crohn's always left me with iliostoma and without colon, colon, anus, and inner thigh muscles that have been used for reconstructive plastic surgery of my wounds." "I always properly perceived what happened to me, but there are people with the same disease, in which there are real difficulties, and this message I want to address to them. "" No one will know about it if you do not tell them. »

"People who know about it will still love you, and find beautiful" "Your illness is nothing to be ashamed of and you have nothing to be ashamed ❤️»

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