How to align the complexion: simple mask to solve common skin problems!

Nowadays, most women can not go out without makeup. Mandatory attribute when applying makeup is the foundation. It helps align complexion , to hide the redness and minor rashes. This is a very handy tool that saves in different situations, but to call it can not be useful for the skin.

Therefore, revision «Website» produced mask recipe for a smooth complexion. With it goes oiliness, redness and swelling. Furthermore, it pores. Fading skin acquires elasticity and smooth fine lines.

How to align the color litsa

You need
1 tsp dry powder badyagi 2 hours. l. white cosmetic clay boiling

Preparation Razvedi badyagi powder, which is sold in a pharmacy, clay and hot water. Add water little by little. Consistency should have the density as sour cream.

Application To align complexion , apply a mask at night to cleansed face for 15 minutes, except for the area around the lips and eyes.

During this procedure, there is a slight tingling as mikrotsiruklyatsii blood increases. The skin may turn pink slightly. After the mask wipe the face with ice and apply moisturizer.

Apply the mask should be 1 time per week. After 4-6 procedures the result will be noticeable: the complexion improves, podsushatsya pimples and reduce the activity of sebaceous glands.

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