15 great ideas for those who have a small bathroom.

Each small bathroom requires the creation of competent storage of things that she was comfortable and functional. It is extremely difficult to achieve because the various jars and accessories it becomes more and more, but does not add seats.

Therefore, the small property owners have to experiment in order to optimize the space correctly. We have prepared a lot of inspiring examples that will help you save space and refresh the interior of the bathroom!

Ideas for a small bathroom
  1. Flowerpots succinctly fit into the space.
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    Excellent hanger on the mirror.

    Vertical storage helps to place a large number of personal care products. Bright ladder - great idea!

    Mobile shelves also help to keep the place.

    Use baguette original and practical.

    Hidden multi-level bracket, which is easily hidden behind the door.

    Wonderful pocket for storing small things.

    For the perfect order in the bathroom, you can use conventional banks.

    Here's how to fill the space above the bath.

    Stylish organizer for the bathroom.

    It is also desirable to use the space under the sink.

    Above the toilet bowl can be positioned vertical shelves.

    When planning a small bathroom take into service a trick for storage in the shower area.

    Another stylish idea.

    Probably, this is the best idea for small bathroom Convenient folding dryer.

    There is plenty of life hacking, that will make your small bathroom practical. The organization of the space watch to ensure that all elements of interior fit perfectly.

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