I never thought that this can be done from the usual strawberry. Just lovely sight!

< Strawberry - a truly royal berry. With whipped cream, with a delicate butter cream or ice cream, as well as a sour cream - it is impossible not to love. Always sympathetic to people who are allergic to these fragrant berries ...

We suggest you learn how to make a great flower strawberry It will decorate any sweet dish and make it everyone can, the main thing - inspiration
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rose from klubnikiPodgotov sharp knife and ripe strawberries - is all that is needed to create a masterpiece. I learned to make such a beauty on the first try, I am sure, too, will you! This video reveals the secret of creating a chic rose strawberry ...

Show your friends how to carry out this clever trick, show them the video. I can not wait for the opening of the strawberry season!


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