If you can not stand a mess in the closet, be sure to come to the delight of this idea!

Storage - one of the most congested places in the house. Looking into his closet for a long time, many people can not get over his disappointment: it seems that recently there was all so neatly folded, and what now? Keep track of the order in food stocks are not so easy.

This idea is perfectly solve the eternal problem of clutter in your closet! I want to immediately make a useful thing for your own home.

Shelves in the pantry
  1. To start a woman has decided to clear the pantry of all these things.

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    Household goods were everywhere - even on the floor ...

    Products in boxes stacked compactly. So they take up much less space!

    An empty closet is ready for transformation.

    Emily used the remnants of old wallpaper with beads to paste over the pantry again. But the material was too small. To visually enlarge dimensions of the room, the woman chose bright wallpaper.

    All shelves have to re-paint, and the walls - wallpapered.

    Dad helped Emily to pick up a circular base for the shelves.

    She made drill holes in the flanges to set the round base.

    The shelves are securely fastened!

    This design allows you to place everything as compact as possible and to reach out to any product or object, not arranging mess in the pantry!

    Containers for cereals, flour and sugar decorated with a shelf.

    Stickers with the names of the products you can do yourself! It needs only a marker and masking tape.

    So it is possible to store pasta.

    I dream of the same containers for bulk products!

    Canned food is easy to get to these shelves! The order is not disturbed.

    Looking at the shelves now, it is difficult to believe that early in the closet was a mess ...

    Such original shelves with their hands You can do it yourself! I am impressed with this idea and already planning a small repair in your own closet. If you too like this design decision, show it to your friends!


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