This spice - fat killer: 1 teaspoon per day burns up to 15 kg in 3 months!

It has been proved that fasting - not the best choice to deal with excess weight. Of course, you always want to get visible results faster! There are many ways that can help the body to accelerate fat burning
An interesting study conducted in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Scientists have collected 2 focus groups, each of which consisted of 44 women with overweight
During 3 months, both groups were fed the same pattern (up to 1200 calories per day), with the only difference being that in the daily menu of group 1 included 1 hour. L. < cumin seeds
The result was impressive: a woman from the 1st group lost an average of 14% body fat more than women from the 2nd.

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This effect is explained by the fact that contains cumin Phytosterols (construction material of plant cells) which possess the ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Also, this spice is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron. It stimulates the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, has diuretic properties. And due to the improvement and acceleration of lipid metabolism in the body it is considered to be an excellent tool for combat obesity
To improve metabolism caraway seed intake should be up to 1 hour. L. per day. Adds spice to the dishes of eggs, meat, cheese and salads and yogurt

Contraindications to use cumin seeds:. Hyperacidity, gastritis, gastric ulcer, cholelithiasis, any heart disease, diabetes. During pregnancy, cumin and do not get involved.

Do not forget that the best results can be achieved through hard work on yourself: properly selected supply system and adequate physical activity. Health and beauty to you!

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