Feeding blood group: why it works. The ideal weight loss program!

< weight loss problem - one of the most important in modern society. The number of "magic" diets is growing, but the number of obese people is not reduced. Trying to lose weight, we are beginning to significantly cut back on the diet, are recorded in the gym, mazhemsya anti-cellulite creams ...

But few people realize that the solution may lie in the correct on a group diet Blood .

on a group diet kroviUcheny held a number of historical and medical research and came to the conclusion that the original distant from our common ancestors only had one blood group - first, or O (I), and others have arisen in the course of evolution with the emergence of new sources of supply.

It looked something like this: when the hunter has learned to cultivate the land and sow, he gained access to a new kind of food. So there was blood group A (II) - second. Changing climatic conditions and the development of livestock contributed to the emergence of a third blood group B (III).

And fourth AB (IV) group, according to the scientist, was formed only 1, 5 thousand years ago as a result of mixing the second and third groups.

First blood group O (I)
According to Peter D'Adamo, the diet of people with this blood group largely to consist of meat and fish. For hunting and fishing were the main occupations of the ancient people. Red meat, liver, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits (not acidic), herbal teas, red wine - all this has a positive effect on the body of people with first blood. To lose weight and avoid weight gain , should significantly limit in food grains, beans, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, potatoes, citrus fruits, ice cream. Do not drink coffee and spirits. But algae, red meat, spinach, broccoli and radish speed up the fat burning.

The second blood group A (II)
For people with this blood group will be the best choice vegetarian meals. This food is substantially healthier body and help them to avoid serious health problems. Occasionally you can afford chicken or turkey. For extra weight gone forever, you need to avoid eating meat, dishes of beans, ice cream, chocolate, sugar, peanut butter. Vegetable salads better to fill with olive or linseed oil, lean on pineapples. Black tea and soft drinks will slow down weight loss process
A third blood group B (III)
People with this blood group are really lucky! They can eat almost everything, but in reasonable quantities. However, in order to lose weight, you need to eliminate wheat, corn, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds, buckwheat, pork, tomato juice and soda. The fourth blood group AB (IV)
People with the rare blood poorly metabolize proteins. Peter D'Adamo encourages them to eat moderately, but to limit in the diet of red meat, dishes of beans, corn, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pepper. It is necessary to increase the amount of green vegetables, seafood, dairy products.

Those who have tried to eat at this circuit, they say that they have become much better feel and notice the difference, standing on the scales. The diet excludes any junk food (chips, semi-finished products, hard liquor) and causes a person to pay attention to how and what he eats.

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