14 brilliant ideas, which will be open to any owner. Look at the number 5!

Every day we are faced with difficulties, large and small. I want to make it smaller, but what to do - household stuff are an integral part of our lives ...

These interesting ideas will help you make a lot of the usual business with pleasure. Simplify your life, you improve your mood and do a small step toward happiness! I am pleased advice, which I am sharing with you. I hope they will benefit!

Home Ideas
Elegant replacement for the strap if it is frayed, can be successfully used instead of silk ribbon, scarf, cloth
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Spool of thread - a brilliant tool for Earphone Do not confused, easy to carry in your pocket!

LEGO-man can serve as a clamp for wires. The trick to support order and good mood!

Here's how to clean bananas ! It should be just a little pressure on the upper part, a miracle happens ...

The idea for the storage of sunglasses.


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